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I haven’t heard of your selections but then maybe that is a good thing? Also Paul Butterfield, Boz Scaggs Loan me a dime. Any Live Allman Bros. They are not blues bands, no matter how hard they try. This has to be one of the greats! Losing his eyesight to congenital glaucoma, Mississippi-born Morris (real name Morris Cummings) is a cousin of Chicago blues maven, Willie Dixon. Though most of the album is self-written, Mo’s musical roots are referenced by the inclusion of two Robert Johnson songs. A landmark blues recording. Ford’s guitar playing – steeped in the blues lexicon but augmented by rock power and jazz harmonic sophistication – is unimpeachable on a 12-song selection that includes a slow, sizzling version of Etta James’ “I Just Want To Make Love To You.”. Live – Gary Clark Jr. (2014). She cut a slew of memorable 78-rpm singles that included the chart-topping, “Down Hearted Blues” – featuring just piano accompaniment – from 1923, which is one of numerous highlights of a 2-CD retrospective that stands as a monument to Smith’s remarkable legacy. I agree with a lot of these comments that it’s very difficult to please everyone as there are only 100 spots. Peter Greens” Fleetwood Mac” Stones “Get your ya ya’s out” On some of the tunes – like “Walkin’ The Blues” and “Whisky & Women” – a band backs Hooker though the unaccompanied songs “Sugar Mama” and “Leave My Wife Alone” undoubtedly possess greater intensity. Absolutely, the Stones introduced real blues and r&b to the world at a time when the Beatles were singing about a bloody octopus which had a garden and some Eleanor Rigby who put her face in a jar. I think there are also cases of musicians from other genres who recorded blues or blues like music – Triumph is one group I can think of. Clapton’s presence galvanized the band on a mixture of original material and blues covers. Johnny Winter Whit Hot and Blue. What should have been listed instead of Little Walter “His Best” was “The Best of Little Walter” and “Hate To See You Go” — two of the most influential blues platters to have been released. Also thanks for the list and for everyone adding their favorites. Distinguished by fleet-of-finger 12-string guitar work, McTell’s unique Piedmont blues style is showcased on this magnificent 41-song compilation that contains the seminal tunes “Broke Down Engine Blues” and “Southern Can Mama.”, From McComb, Mississippi, Ellas Otha Bates is better known as Bo Diddley, a much-decorated rhythm and blues pioneer whose influence helped to shape the landscapes of rock and pop. A Top 5 R&B hit, the timeless “At Last,” was her bluesy reconfiguration of a 1942 tune by big band jazzman, Glenn Miller. Scott Henderson benutzt diese Bausteine sehr gerne beim Solieren: Lick 9 bewegt sich ebenfalls im mixolydischen Modus und umspielt ein Aadd4 Arpeggio - ein Trick, der übrigens nicht nur im Blues sehr gut funktioniert: Joe Bonamassa hat in seinem Spiel einige moderne Spieltechniken mit dem Blues gepaart. Well, have we succeeded? lol about Joe…so true. He enjoyed a brief recording career but made a lasting impact with the 51 songs he recorded for Paramount in a fertile period between 1929 and 1934. Mit diesen 4 Gitarrenakkorden spielst du viele bekannte Songs! Have a Good Bluesdigging Life , Bert!!!! Muddy Waters They Call Me Muddy Waters. The Groundhogs’ “Split” is one of the best unknown albums of all time, easily. 319 . A former Baptist preacher who was imprisoned for a year after killing a man in self-defense, he sang with a sermonizing intensity, accompanying his vocals with metallic slide guitar. Nicknamed the “Guitar Wizard,” Red cut his first record in 1928 and his final one, thirty-two years later. Other highlights include “Who’s Cheating Who,” “Baby I Love You,” and “I Feel So Bad.”. Blues Lick 1 ist ein klassischer Penatonik/Blueslauf in der V. Lage, im Stile von Mark Knopfler. Der Blues fasziniert Musikbegeisterte schon ein knappes Jahrhundert. Arguably his finest moment came fifty-four years ago when he led a band called Blues Breakers, which featured a rising guitar star who had previously been with The Yardbirds: Eric Clapton. They spotlight Walker’s smooth crooner’s voice as well as supernal fretboard skills on a varied selection of material that ranges from silky ballads (“Glamour Girl”) to big band jump-blues excursions (“Strollin’ With Bones”). Red Devils’ album “King King” Great stuff!! Thank you for mentioning them! Jeff Healey Group, he was appreciated by BB King and Eric Clapton. I might beg to differ on The Allman Brothers though. On this magnificent album, however, he played an acoustic guitar on what was an intimate, unplugged-style session that attempted to latch on to the folk music revival of the early 60s. As for Jimmy Reed, Cold Chills tops the Carnegie Hall album. Three years shy of his sixtieth birthday, Water is backed by a superb band (including pianist Otis Spann and harmonica player, James Cotton), delivering a bravura performance. ALSO, guys: Where the heck is “THE BEST OF MUDDY WATERS” (also known as “Sail On” in reissue). I also Roy Buchanan should be there. A charismatic singer and harmonica player from West Memphis, Arkansas, born Amos Wells Blakemore Jr, Wells released his debut album, Hoodoo Man Blues, for Chicago indie label, Delmark. The son of a bootlegger-turned-preacher, Nehemiah “Skip” James came from Bentonia, Mississippi, and was noted for his wailing voice and ornate, fingerstyle guitar accompaniment. I now have about 20 new artists/albums that I need to hear based off peoples comments and I thank the list and the people who commented for that. Unlike Memphis Minnie, pianist and singer Memphis Slim was an authentic “Bluff City” native. Jethro Tull “This Was” Have you heard his Blues and Ballads album with Elmer Snowden? An de andere kant, ach, zo’n lijstje slaat toch eigenlijk helemaal nergens op, Hi Bert. King to Muddy Waters, these are the 100 greatest blues albums of all-time. Joe Bonamassa is said by nearly all of the guitar, blues, and rock music magazines to be the best living blues guitarist and should be on the list (he is much better than Johnny Lang, a contemporary who is on the list). !, no Mose Alison and no Nina Simone!). Your email address will not be published. full of Southren Prison Blues? They come from the long-forgotten Kid Bailey (“Rowdy Blues”), Garfield Akers (“Cottonfield Blues”), “Mississippi” Joe Callicott (“Fare Thee Well Blues”), Jim Thompkins (“Bedside Blues”), Blind Joe Reynolds (“Outside Woman Blues”), and Rube Lacy (“Mississippi Jailhouse Groan”). Jimmy Witherspoon, Spoonful, on Bluenote, Hooker n heat already mentioned but what about hooker n davis hot spot soundtrack . When it comes to the best blues guitars at an affordable price we can't see past the new Fender Vintera range. Glad folks mentioned Duster Bennett and Rod Piazza, Gravetes, and Alex Koris. Haven’t listened to much blues since I got sober but it holds a special place in my heart. Bund der B-Saite zu finden ist: Zum Vergrößern der Tabs, ins Bild klicken. Fleetwood Mac and Otis Spann, Duster Bennett. And speaking of Brooks, I’ll bet Lonnie Brooks is going to come out with a top 200 LP one of these days. I’m glad people weighed in on Deutsch and Canadian blues. Bands like Cream, Allman’s and Stones restored many blues originators fortunes and fame by crediting their accomplishments. The album marked a watershed moment for the British music scene, sparking a blues-rock explosion. Hopkins’ career began spectacularly in a meteoric fashion during the late 1940s and early 50s when he scored a string of big US R&B hits like “Shotgun Blues.” But just as fast, his popularity began to wane. Chicago harmonica player and singer, Paul Butterfield, led one of the most significant American blues-influenced bands of the 1960s. . Check out Wild-Child Butler. But more importantly, we can see all the comments of what people left out. We are Jazz Fanatics! As a Englishman I very rarely meet other Cuby & The Blizzard Fans here. SOOO many that there just isn’t room for them on this list. Larry Taylor. You could get rid of all the rock bands and all the English bands. After Peter Green replaced Eric Clapton in Mayall’s band, an 18-year-old guitarist called Mick Taylor (who would later supersede Brian Jones in The Rolling Stones) came in as an unknown on Crusade. Spot on Harmonica Slim..with you all the way ! A pall of myth and legend has clouded the public’s perception of Johnson, a mysterious figure who supposedly sold his soul to the devil in a Faustian pact and died from poisoning aged 27. Big Dave McLean – For the Blues, Always. – Townes Van Zandt – Live at the Old Quarter, And some compilations: Other delights include the chugging “How Many Years,” the boogie-style “Baby How Long,” and the plaintive “Forty Four” driven by a ramshackle rhythm section. Other standouts included “Fried Hockey Boogie” and the anti-drug message song, “Amphetamine Annie.” Though considered a rock group and beloved by the hippies and Woodstock generation, Canned Heat’s musical DNA was deeply rooted in the blues. And you’re really stretching the definition of blues by classifying “Layla” as a blues album. Ronnie Earl – Language of the Soul One of his most influential tunes was his 1928 hit single, “How Long, How Long Blues,” the centerpiece of this 22-track compendium of Carr’s best work. It revived the New Orleans jazz style of the 1920s via a selection of original material and covers arranged for piano, cornet, and banjo. Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter —- Hard Again — Incredible! Though born in Paris to Austrian and Greek parents, Korner became one of the prime movers and shakers of the influential British blues scene in the 1960s. from 1966. Lonesome George Thorogood and the Destroyers 2120 South Michigan Ave. Is a great blues album as well. Otis Grand, Blues 65 No song by Roy Buchanan? “Layla” may not be pure blues but it is blues enough to me. You know your stuff. Indeed, and for that matter add ‘Michael Bloomfield – It’s Not Killing Me’…. I agree. Source Point & Southern Fried with Duane Allman!!! Well, I respect that you are entitled to your opinion, but I wonder if you have heard him play live? Think in those terms and some of the classic rock bands qualify. The lack of Blodwyn Pig is disturbing. His R&B chart-topper, “Sweet Little Sixteen,” is one of the standout cuts on the guitar-toting, duck-walking tunesmith’s second album, One Dozen Berrys. Early on in his career, White recorded under the pseudonyms Pinewood Tom, The Singing Christian, and Tippy Barton before using his real name. The poled list of artists and top albums highly skews the reality of affection adios and professionals as well as the generational listeners would not even say this list poled by this site is even near accurate. Triumph was labeled hard rock or heavy metal but Rik Emmett and the band did play and record some bluesy music from time to time. Groundhogs are great. The highlights are numerous and include “Devil Got My Woman,” “22-20 Blues” – with James playing the piano – and “I’m So Glad.”. Humble Pie “Up your Sleeves” And consider the folks whose paths never crossed those of the white historians or those who sang only to themselves and their God. Something tells me you guys didn’t get to see these people play live . Chicken Shack appears on so few lists of greats, sad to say. Blues musicians and writers who are now household names were driving buses or working odd jobs in many cases…..they could not get a gig. I agree with you regarding Savoy Brown, John. If anyone can recommend artist like these players, that’d be cool too. Lightnin; Slim,Otis Rush,Little Junior Parker, Lightnin’ Hopkins’ “Time” album and album on “Dart”,Memphis Willie B, Jesse Fuller, Richard “Rabbit” Brown, Otis Blackwell, Charles Brown, and on and on. Just as little wing & voodoo chile are hendrix’ songs. What about The Groundhogs? I’m not really a fan of his music per se, but he does deserve a special recognition for the things you mention. Key Track: “Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues”, From Riverton, Mississippi, Eddie “Son” House was one of the delta blues style’s principal architects. European or African? 1. He serves up some of his big hits (“I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man”) alongside blues standards (“Baby, Please Don’t Go”), and new and unreleased songs (“I Got My Brand On You”). It was rekindled at the end of the 50s by young white Americans fascinated by their nation’s folk and blues heritage. Minneapolis isn’t considered a blues metropolis even though it lies on the mighty Mississippi River. The title of the album was : He had big shoes to fill, but the Welwyn Garden City-born youngster immediately made a lasting impact with his intuitive grasp of the blues language. Muddy Waters: Fathers & Sons 4,3 von 5 Sternen 12. The winner of five Grammy awards, Georgia-born Cray, now 66, is considered a member of the blues old guard. All essential. How many do you have? Key Track: “Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down”, From Woodlake, California, Ford is a quick-fingered guitarist who as a young man played with Charley Musselwhite, the LA Express, Joni Mitchell, and Miles Davis. Consider all the Henry Sloans we’ve never heard and the mothers of those we have. AC/DC? Think we’ve missed one of the 100 greatest blues albums? Oscar Brown Jr, “Between Heaven and Hell,” Columbia You left out Lazy Lester, Lightnin’ Slim and Slim Harpo albums on Excello. John Lee Hooker - Crawlin' Kingsnake 11. Lil`Ed & The Blues Imperials: Roughhousin` Magic Slim “The essential” I’m kind of you that I even looked at this “list” after realizing of what it consists. Everything that Johnson recorded is on this 30-track compilation, a compelling testament to his genius. Keb Mo? He’s great. A revered harmonica player and singer from Mississippi, Musselwhite made his debut with this classic album, which blurred the narrow divide between blues and rock music, especially on boogie-based songs such as “Chicken Shack.” The 12-song set mainly contained original material but also included a haunting blues reconfiguration of jazzman Duke Pearson’s “Cristo Redemptor”(sic). guess they assume its soul or r and b, but his early stuff was straight blues. Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters – Paul Rodgers (& friends) (1993) Hooker & Heat is one of the greatest blues records ever. He was 56 when he recorded this 11-track collection. King, Live In Japan. I would say that some of these bands should be included. It did, however, give birth to a trio called Koerner, Ray & Glover, three white college students smitten by black music whose earnest folk-blues style would purportedly influence Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt. Sure, some of those cross overs were not exactly bad by any means, but I don’t know that they belong on this list. Yeah saw him live at an Eric Clapton gig in Sheffield plays a fiddle (violin) not sure if there is a difference. Also Jeff Beck’ TRUTH……..Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs……Ten Years After-A Space In Time………….Fabulous Thunderbirds Butt Rockin…………The Stones Get Your Ya Ya’s Out…..Ray Charles -The Genius Sings The Blues…….and pretty sure it’s blaspemy not to have Peter Green-Jimi Hendrix-Janis Joplin-George Thorogood or Big Mamma Thornton on a blues list somehow Born in Fargo, North Dakota, of Norwegian descent, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist Lang took his debut album Lie To Me into the Top 50 US albums chart at the tender age of sixteen. Robert Nighthawk ”Live on Maxwell Street”. It features guest cameos from Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and an uncredited Steve Miller on a broad selection of material. Gosh I could add a lot more. Allman Bros.? Many of them appeared on this album, which despite its title, was recorded in a studio and not in front of an audience. John Hammond does deserve a nod from me for a couple albums. In the late 1800s, southern African-Americans passed the songs down orally, and they collided with American folk and country from the Appalachians. Strong Persuader, his fourth long-player recorded three years later, went double platinum in the USA, where it peaked at No. Best Wes Montgomery Pieces: 20 Jazz Essentials, ‘Birth Of The Cool’: How Miles Davis Started A Jazz Revolution, Fania Records: How A New York Label Took Salsa To The World, Pride Of The Opry: Charley Pride Makes Musical And Cultural History, Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. Savoy Brown definitely belongs on that list. I have the equipment, just don’t have the time. You are missing greats like Slim Harpo, Rod Piazza, George Harmonica Smith, William Clarke, Willie Dixon (wrote like half of the songs on all of the other old school Chicago blues singers’ albums too), Robert Nighthawk, James Harman, Ronnie Earl (best living blues guitar player because Joe Bonamassa is not a true blues guitar player as far as I’m concerned), Carey Bell, Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Steve Guyger, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kim Wilson, and a slew of others. His self-titled Folkways album helped revitalize Hopkins’ ailing career, putting him back into the big time. The Five faces of Manfred Mann is a great album that has withstood the passage of time. George Thorogood & The Destroyers – self titled debut (1977) His Best rounded up twenty of Diddley’s most popular and commercially successful tunes for the Chicago Chess label, which was the singer/guitarist’s recording home between 1955 and 1974. King were among those influenced by Jefferson. Bukka White, Otis Span, Furry Lews,Pinetop Perkins ??? Though famed for its classic title cut (a superstitious ode co-written by Booker T. Jones of the famous Bluff City R&B quartet, Booker T & The MG’s), Born Under A Bad Sign also included King’s smash singles “Laundromat Blues,” “Cold Feet,” and “Crosscut Saw.” The album would prove a touchstone for southern electric blues, influencing the likes of Otis Rush, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 100% correct Harmonica Slim. Nick gravenites my labors Very difficult to narrow it down to 100. Big Joe Turner, Big Joe Turner Meets the Trumpet Kings (Eldridge, Edison, Terry) on Pablo Duke Robilliard — Dukes Blues — Delightfull! B. So would you prefer it to be “white people’s blues” rather than blues or perhaps rock and roll? I’m for the Top 200 Blues albums. Colin James — National Steel — Love it! No Blues List is complet without Popa Chubby. I like Fats Domino singing the blues He did a lot of blues, mostly his earley recordings. Hell’s Session and Wang Dang Doodle by Livin’ Blues. Live on the Queen Mary – Professor Longhair (1978) J.B. Lenoir, Chicken Shack, Fleetwood Mac in Chicago, In fact, we’ll shall never know who the truest bluesmakers were or where they came from. His recording career was spectacularly brief – from 1927 to 1930 – but his influence has been long-lasting (Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf took note of his guitar style while Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin covered his songs). No copyright intended, for entertainment purposes only. This compilation focuses on his earliest recordings, a bunch of 78s made in 1931 for Paramount Records where he first established his idiosyncratic style. Spot on. The album is off the list? Kiss-Gitarrist Ace Frehley war ein Held vieler Musiker, die in den Siebzigern die Gitarre entdeckten. It included the singles “Trust Me” and “One Way Out,” the latter featuring guitarist Buddy Guy. . Junior Wells, James Cotton, Billy Branch, and Cary Bell. The Powder Blues Band, Jeff Healey, Colin James, Randy Bachman (known for rock and jazz, yes, but he teamed up with Jeff Healey too) and others I cannot name. My first concert was the Jefferson Airplane with the warm up band The Yardbirds in 1967. Feeling lazy. I remember the first time I saw Muddy Waters at the Jazz Workshop in Boston 1965? To the gentleman who commented that John Mayall doesn’t deserve a place in the Blues pantheon because he was born white and British…Eric Clapton. I do not own this recording. The missing link between rural delta Mississippi blues and its electrified Chicago cousin, singer/guitarist/harmonica player Wolf first made his mark with a potent succession of singles between 1951 and 1956 for Chess. With its fusion of soulful urbanity and raw, delta earthiness, the record would prove a blueprint for modern blues recordings. The album’s three original songs (all penned by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard, who would become the Stones’ principal tunesmiths) revealed how blues DNA was shaping the band’s approach to songwriting. How could you miss this one? I will google. Mississippi born and bred, James sang in a brash, declamatory style and played a mean slide guitar. You forgot “Hooker’n’ Heat”. Don’t forget to mention Steve Stills who was also a big part of the Super Session album. Kaj <3 , “Rocking at the Tweed Mill.” released in 1972, Good list, but disappointed that Roomful Of Blues nor Duke Robillard were on it. Wouldn’t have suffered from a mention of Savoy Brown though? Cream were Cream, by no stretch of the imagination, can they be called a blues band. Die passenden Skalen und Griffbilder findet ihr übrigens in unserem Special Blues Solo Improvisation - Die wichtigsten Blues Scales als praktisches PDF zum Ausdrucken und Mitnehmen. I cant imagine how anything could be better that this one. How freaking true. Suffice to say, every album here should be in any discerning blues fan’s collection. Few people had heard of Robert Johnson prior to the 1960’s. Born Albert Gene Drewery in Texas and nicknamed “The Ice Man,” Collins was a cousin of blues maven Lightnin’ Hopkins but was inspired to sing and take up the guitar after hearing a John Lee Hooker record. For example: you only looked ar individual artists, why isn’t there an album 2. After his clutch of early 78s released in 1931 for Paramount fell on deaf ears, James slipped into anonymity but was rediscovered and coaxed back to the recording studio three decades later as a result of the 1960s blues and folk revival. Stevie Ray Vaughn “Martin Scorcese presents” We consoled ourselves with the fact that he composed so many tunes that are all over these albums, I’m missing Chicken Shack but I’m glad that Rory Gallagher is on the list BR //Thomas. You forgot Janis Joplin’s ” i got dem old kosmic blues again”….. You got that right, Lesley…no Janis?? 1 single, “Blue Shadows,” which features on this double LP compilation of recordings made between 1955 and 1962.

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